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This, is a group of companies which are interested in private and corporate consultancy, administration management services, immigration services, augmenting contemporary works of African literature, proportioning products from the Pearl of Africa, enhancing trails, races and hikes, assuaging tourism, harmonizing hospitality, and uplifting philanthropy.  


Umoja Bridge

Umoja Bridge was constructed for those interested in pushing boundaries, exploring new possibilities, and seeking growth.

Umoja Bridge is a fully integrated consultancy, administrative and management center for both private clients and institutions, locals and foreigners, who are interested in doing business, working, studying, legitimizing their residence and managing their portfolios in the East African region.

We are on Twitter and Facebook as @UmojaBridge.

Turn The Page Africa

Turn The Page is partly, an online bookstore, partly a book club, and partly a book reviewer.

Our interest is African literature.

We are present, as @TTPAfrica, on both Twitter and Facebook, and as @africanpages on Instagram.

Shop & Club & Views

something ugandan

Something Ugandan is an online shop, promoter and manager of products of artistic expression as made by Ugandans or coming from Uganda.

We are invested in exploring works which have been expressed in the forms of art, music, movies, and fashion.

Something Ugandan is present, as @fromuganda, on Twitter and @somethingugandan on both Facebook and Instagram.

Art Shop, Culture & more

Sweet Safari

Sweet Safari is an online tour booking site, a ground travel agency, and a reviewer of destinations of interest in the East and Horn of Africa.

We are on both Twitter and Facebook as @SweetSafari, and as @swtsaf on Instagram.


Hikes and Runs

 With its calendar and blog, Hikes And Runs East Africa is a detail of all marked, traditional and upcoming trails, races and hikes in the region be they competitive, for pleasure, or to contribute to a notable cause.

Follow us, on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, where we are as @hikesandruns, and as a hashtag; #HikesAndRunEastAfrica