Company Profile

With its innate advantages; of a strategic location, in the center of Africa, entrepreneurial people, and their never ending production and/or provision of both products and services, Uganda is gifted with the most necessary basics required to exploit those resources and be a remarkable competitor in the region, and beyond.

Uganda is, unfortunately, landlocked, but still a vital backbone for East Africa. It, for example, reportedly attracts about $170 million of import from and sends at least $50 million of exports to Kenya (2015), and, in being an educational hub for neighboring countries, a source of a much needed human resource.
Most are hard-working, but, unfortunately, not adequately informed about opportunities and organized well enough to utilize them and also low-on-confidence youth who, like in Uganda, make up 85% of the population. Their products need value addition and marketing to much larger markets, beyond their local market store.

With every problem and the realization of a dearth of opportunity that I have encountered, I have tried to provide a viable solution. I have, on my own, thought out, founded and had incorporated companies which will be involved in the business of bettering the lives of not only Ugandans, but East Africans, and their visitors.

To highlight, these companies are interested in; providing efficient solutions in matters concerning immigration and/or the movement of goods and professionals and the starting of businesses across the region; creating partnerships in, and providing state of the art solutions in the field of indigenous or African literature; marketing and shipping abroad of local works of artistic expression – like fashion, art, music; mapping of the un mapped places for short term and long term residence across the country and the region; dedicated to transforming Uganda into a running nation; partnering with existing service providers and tailoring new, creative ways that are aimed at augmenting tourism; and cataloguing charity projects to which both locals and tourists can contribute to.

I intend to achieve at least three basic objectives; better organization (through curating and creating a pathway for all those products and services we can bring on board and share with the world), more openness (through detailing the most precise information about people, their places and the most reliable service providers) and more exertion (by encouraging those who can to produce more products or provide better services, as they will have a ray of hope for success at the end of the tunnel).

I hope that my ideas will be embraced and grow to provide beautiful working relationships, become a source of employment, and create a hub of opportunities for many, and that my efforts will be remembered for organization, efficiency, and results.