Hikes and Runs East Africa prepares hiking packages for the benefit of people with a reason to get out of their houses for a challenge in the outdoors.

Its major objectives are;

  1. To interest people in what, indeed, are long vigorous walks and trails in the beautiful countryside that makes up the region.
  2. To prepare packages that will take interested parties to camping, climbing and conquering the apexes of the notable hiking challenges in the region.
  3. To prepare a calendar of periodic hiking events that will take new and old hikers to different, interesting hiking challenges across the region.
  4. To obtain, market, and distribute excellent hiking equipment in order to contribute to a satisfying experience.
  5. To prepare a hiking guidebook for all traditional, current and upcoming hikes and trails in the region.
  6. To prepare useful resources for hikes of all age groups, experiences, and from all places both in the region and beyond.
  7. To reliably update and/or inform people about both the traditional and upcoming hiking experiences across the region.
  8. To, last but not least, form an ever growing community of hikers.