Hikes and Runs East Africa's mission is to encourage more people to embrace running for a range of reasons, and encourage those who already do so to do more of the same.

Its objectives and/or aims include but are not limited to some of the following;

  1. To help turn or grow Uganda - especially  - into a notable running nation.
  2. To partner with both local and foreign race or marathon organizers in order to help both locals and foreigners and marathon tourists register for and participate in races happening in the East African region and in the rest of the world.
  3. To organize regular, consistent, and all embracing and regional marathons in Uganda that will interest people, new and seasoned runners, in both explored and unexplored routes and tracks in the region.
  4. To partner with colleagues involved in the same endeavor to organize better , memorable marathons.
  5. To gather and curate information and news about and develop a calendar for upcoming trails, walks, races, and marathons and events pertaining to them and share it with potential participants.
  6. To interest renown and passionate runners from across the world in both the organized and yet to be organized running groups in the Uganda and to invite them to run with Ugandans as well.
  7. To seek global partnerships, memberships and standardization for marathons and /or races in Uganda.
  8. To seek sponsorship, either local or foreign, in order to  be able to organize our own marathons and/or races in Uganda and the region.