Administrative Services

In managing individuals and organisations,and coordinating administrative duties, administrative managers must show leadership ability. Umoja Bridge does.

As a management consulting firm, Umoja Bridge provides administrative management services to individuals and organisations on a contract basis.

We review individual’s, and organisation’s procedures and find ways to improve efficiency.

We pay attention to details, a quality necessary across a range of tasks, from ensuring that the individual or organisation complies with building codes to managing its processes.

Umoja Bridge aims at motivating individuals or organisation’s employees and helping them deal with any issues that may arise.

Specifically, our services include some of the following;

Contract administration in as far as it pertains to purchasing and sales of supplies, machinery, and equipment that individuals and organisations use and/or need i order to be efficient.

Record and information management and governance whereby we develop, monitor, manage individuals and organisations records; provide information to executive management, and ensure that employees throughout the organisation follow information and records management guidelines.

General and featured services such as account management, immigration services, and a range of business formation services.